I an currently learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and this is where I'll show what I've learned so far. This page will be updated whenever I've learned and wrote some new code. Every box below represents a new thing that I have coded.

This is where the first magic will happen, in a click, this text will change.

I can greet you depending on the time of the day.

I know how to tell you what day it is.

Okay, lets combine those two into a nice proper greeting.

Here is a navigation with dropdown menues. It was really hard to do.

Below you can see five small boxes in different colours. Hold your mouse over them and they'll move with different phases.

I made a chatwindow, but you can't write to anyone but yourself. Hmm.. so why don't you write something nice to yourself? Or maybe rant! No one else will see it. Unless you show it to someone.


Bonny Silver

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Bonny Silver

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Work In Progress

Last update is made 3 July 2019 | The background image is found here. | If you have a question or just something nice to say, email me on m.bjork95@gmail.com.